Wed 24th Aug

Time: 19:00 ( 180 mins )
Genre: Music
Age: 16+

From 2009 to 2018, Tune-Yards (Merrill and her partner and collaborator Nate Brenner) released four critically-acclaimed albums on 4AD, travelled the world relentlessly to play live shows, and composed the psychedelic score to Boots Riley's surrealist cinematic masterpiece Sorry To Bother You. After a period of feeling creatively lost, it was reconnecting with the blissful, bodily enjoyment of music that pulled Merrill Garbus back into the recording studio. From this re-ignited creative spark came the songs that make up Tune-Yards' fifth studio album, sketchy.
Image: Pooneh Ghana

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Venue: The Dissection Room
Price: £22

Date: 24 August

Time: 7.00pm

Full: £22


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